Heart Agreement By Divine Arrangement!

By the grace of God, Allison and I got married on Sunday 18th September 2022 in Colombia. 

For those unfamiliar with the story of our Divine union, I encourage you to watch this video or read the summary below. And let my story encourage you – love is truly BEAUTIFUL in God's time!

By Divine design, I am getting married! The decision to take this important step in my life is a product of spiritual revelation, clear heart conviction and the perfect timing of God. My fiancée’s name is Allison. She is from the wonderful nation of Colombia in South America. I am happy to say she is a woman after God’s heart. We actually met eight years ago in June 2014 at the Crusade with Prophet TB Joshua in Cali, Colombia where she served as a translator. 

Amazingly, she was one of those who actually helped to translate for me into Spanish during the crusade! After that life-changing event, she surrendered her academic pursuits to answer God’s call at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria – where we both served God for many years as disciples under Prophet TB Joshua.

After God called Prophet TB Joshua home and the Holy Spirit prompted me to launch God’s Heart TV, Allison was one of those I reached out to – and I shared with her the mission and vision God gave me. After a time of prayer and reflection, God convicted her heart to join the ministry – and she has been an integral member of the God’s Heart TV Team ever since.

We both chose to surrender our hearts to God and He chose to write each other’s names on them with an ink that never runs dry! He chose to sovereignly merge and meld our visions in fulfilment of mutual destiny!

He chose to pour a love into our hearts for one another which natural words are simply inadequate to express!

I want to encourage you, most especially the young people of today’s generation – love is worth the wait! Don’t cheapen the beauty of love due to the pressure of conformity to a standard set by man. Don’t devalue the purity of love in an attempt to satisfy the insatiable urges of the flesh. Real love, God’s kind of love, love from the heart – it’s worth waiting for. It’s worth fighting for. It’s worth making a sacrifice for.

Let me share with you a little bit of my story. I am 34 years old and have never previously been involved in any romantic relationship. I arrived at a point of internal peace several years ago that if serving God wholeheartedly meant not getting married, it was a price I was prepared to pay. What I was willing to give up for God, He has given to me in the most glorious, beautiful and joyful of ways – in His perfect time (Matthew 19:29). I am incredibly grateful to God and I can testify that truly, the right time brings the right person.

I can describe our union as heart agreement by Divine arrangement:

  • My wife to be is very beautiful - but physical attraction is not the basis of our union.
  • She’s very intelligent – but natural skills and gifts are not the basis of our union.
  • We enjoy wonderful camaraderie and companionship – but our mutual interests are not the basis of our union.

The foundation of our relationship with one another is our relationship with God – our passionate pursuit of God’s heart! The basis of our connection is spiritual, not just natural. This is the principle that should guide us when it comes to marriage – the motivating issue and mitigating factor must be internal, not merely external. Heart, not flesh. Not age, not financial status, not family background, not the intoxicating influences of peer pressure. Heart agreement by Divine arrangement – just as we read in the case of Isaac and Rebecca in Genesis 24!

We are living in a time where the institution of marriage is evidently under attack. Divorce and separation are rife and rampant. It’s sadly easy to grow up in such times with the misplaced belief that it’s impossible to experience real love – and thus settle for nothing more than a cheap imitation championed by the devil. Many people attempt to replicate the sensual experiences without the framework of godly relationship – often leaving hearts empty, homes broken and lives scarred.

Many in society today have confused lust with love.

  • Lust has to do with body agreement; love is all about heart agreement.
  • Lust seeks to satisfy self; love is expressed in selflessness.
  • Lust attaches conditions; love is simply unconditional.

So, let my story encourage you today: Don’t let lust get in the way of love. Purity is something too precious to sacrifice on the altar of fleshly desires. Seek God first – and He will bring the right person, in the right time, in the right way. Don’t be in a haste to jump into a decision which holds such significance in your life.

When love comes at God’s time, it’s truly an extraordinary experience. 1 John 4:16 says, “God is love” – HE is the Author/ Owner/ Giver - so when He pours His love into your heart for someone, it’s the overflow from a source that never gets empty, a spring that never runs dry. It’s not conjured. It’s not coerced. It’s not conditioned. It flows freely, naturally, spontaneously – from the heart.

When love comes from the heart, marriage is a journey of co-operation, not competition.

  • There will be differences – but differences will not lead to division.
  • There will be disagreement – but disagreement will bring a greater degree of agreement.
  • There will be misunderstanding – but misunderstanding will produce a heightened level of understanding!

To married couples watching this – I encourage you to always keep God at the centre of your home. Because if God is not the foundation of your union, if He is not the central character - where does the strength come from to overcome the inevitable challenges of marital life and growth?

To those waiting on the Lord for marriage – don’t be in a hurry and don’t compare yourself with anyone. What you see as delay or disappointment may be God’s method of preservation. Look at me – God preserved me; God preserved Allison for such a time as this, for such a marriage as this.

People of God, thank you for your love, prayer and support. Truly, love is beautiful! What incomparable joy – to wholeheartedly pursue God’s call and at the same time fall deeply in love with your God-given partner! Today, I am seeing the fulfilment of a prophetic word regarding marriage Prophet TB Joshua gave to me personally over three years ago in January 2019 – and I can say with full assurance of heart that the best is certainly yet to come!

“Harbouring the pain which others have inflicted on you is actually inflicting more pain on yourself. Keeping hurt in your heart only serves to increase it.”

Brother Chris


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